20 people who have overcome the fear of change with new cuts.

If you are one of those people who let hair grow for months because of fear of change, then you also know the feeling of apprehension and helplessness when going to the hairdresser. This is where the inevitable question arises: short or long? A bit like before or radical change?

The following 20 people show that sometimes the change is really good:

1. Very nice little lock and short hair!

2. A vague air of Charles Manson with long hair, do not you think?

3. Grow your hair for 2 years to donate afterwards.

4.  “My 6-year-old girl has cut more than 30 cm of hair to donate. “

5. Another who has separated from his beautiful blond curls.

6.  “My mother asked me for a funny cut before the chemo made her lose all her hair. “  Too cool!

7. He also donated his hair …

8.  “My friend cut her beautiful blond hair in support of one of her teachers, a 3-year-old son and a 2-year-old girl with cancer. A beautiful person both inside and out. “  It’s true!

9. First haircut in 6 years.

10. It was worth it no?