60 million consumers: Gluten-free foods bad for health?

“Gluten-free products not healthier for 60 million consumers;  Gluten-free products: a wave that lighten the wallet; Gluten-free is not better for you  . ” According to the media wave surging since this morning following the publication of the article of 60 million consumers, the gluten-free would be harmful to health. This is new information that can cause confusion in the nebulous world of nutrition. Let’s see the purpose of the offense …

Nothing original in this news. Replacing conventional industrial products (pie crisps, crisps, pizza, sandwich bread, etc.) with the same products, without gluten, is the problem of upside-down nutrition, as was done during years with light products. We then try to replace the said guilty by all means. Gluten makes it possible to give the elasticity of starchy products, such as bread dough. Industrialists have seized this technological advantage for decades, and even today, to improve the texture of composite products and, of course, their profitability. You want to remove gluten without changing your diet and continue to consume industrial products?Do not be surprised that manufacturers replace it with something else, especially in a booming market: sugar, emulsifiers, thickeners, acidifiers, etc. The list is long and far from being more nutritionally beneficial. It’s obvious. The media then take advantage of this announcement to shoot at the wave of gluten-free. But reading the titles, the shortcut sometimes becomes caricature. Argument at the right time for the refractories of gluten-free fashion  or supporters of the traditional Parisian white baguette. Do not misunderstand us.

The article realizes a state of affairs – rightly so – of the poor nutritional quality of gluten-free industrial products . But do not put all the eggs in one basket. There are many raw and unprocessed foods that are alternative to wheat, or gluten in general: rice, buckwheat, quinoa, legumes, millet, potatoes, pea, corn, rice, etc. These foods are absolutely not concerned by the article of 60 million consumers, which is unfortunately little relayed by this media wave.

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