Accident in a car park: how does your insurance work?

If the highway code applies on public roads, what about private roads? If hanging on a parking lot, do you really have to make a statement? Do insurers automatically apply shared responsibility?

The Highway Code distinguishes between car parks and supermarkets and private car parks (in a residence, for example). So when you drive into a shopping center and park, the rules are the same as if you were parked on the street, along a sidewalk, or on a public parking lot.

The drivers involved in the accident jointly complete a report form. The front of the standard document must be written together. It is important not to neglect this step because after signing it, it will be forbidden to make any correction. Each one leaves with a sheet of the form.

If necessary, the back side can add details or reservations. These clarifications can only be made on the back of the document. The legal value of the information on the back without contradiction with the other party concerned is not retained. However, this can help insurers to specify the circumstances of the accident.

Hanging in a private parking

Parking is considered private if it is reserved for a specific population. It may be, for example, a private property, a co-ownership, a company or an administration. For these sites, it is not the rules of the highway code that apply but those of the rules of procedure.

If the latter provides that the Highway Code applies, that there is a marking on the ground and signs or that there are not any motorists must comply with the Highway Code (priority to right, turn signals …). In the event of a collision, drivers and insurers will proceed in the same manner as on public roads.

If, on the other hand, the rules of procedure provide for other rules, the insurers take them into account in determining the responsibilities of each. In the absence of specific circumstances, they share responsibilities equitably.

To know

Article R415-9 of the Highway Code stipulates that a vehicle entering the public highway from a private road is never a priority.